Leadership team

Justin King

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Justin is a professional Musician, Studio Engineer, Producer, and Certified Music Teacher. He graduated from Syracuse University S.I. Newhouse School of Communications, where he focused his studies on Creative Advertising, Psychology, Philosophy, and independent studies in Music Theory. Later, at Eastern University, he completed a Post Baccalaureate degree in Guitar Performance and Music Education, along with a Master’s Degree in Multicultural Education.

In addition to his professional experience as a School District Administrator for Art, Music and Athletics, Justin has also served as a Music Therapist, Special Education Music Teacher, Public High School Music Teacher, and Case Manager for Students with Autism. 

The value of Continuous Improvement is at the heart of Justin's work. He enjoys the constant motion of life that offers infinite opportunities to grow, and his passion for learning through direct experience is at the core of New Energy Music.

“Just like those who started playing [Music] at the beginning of the Human Experience, I am able to contribute joy, inspire new perspectives and encourage a happier world through Sound. It is both an honor and a sacred responsibility to be part of that continuum.” 

~Justin King

Sarah Rue

Chief Operations Officer

Sarah is a professional Musician, Composer, Director and Videographer.  

She completed her Bachelor’s of Science at CUNY Brooklyn College, with a major in Psychology and minor in Music.  She then studied Jazz and Classical piano at Bucks County Community College, while launching her career as an independent Original Musician.

Sarah began her professional career as an advocate for health and wellness. She became a fitness instructor and later a national speaker for mental, physical and spiritual empowerment of women. Now, she continues this work through her songwriting. 

Joy and Humor is a value that Sarah naturally embodies in her role as Chief Operations Officer. Her solutions-oriented mindset is complimented by her ability to lighten any mood with both wit and positivity. 

“The emotions and ideas that great Music evokes help us understand ourselves and the world. Music is one of the most influential ways to heal and raise consciousness, and we owe it to ourselves to listen to Musicians who work on themselves as much as their Music.”

~Sarah Rue

Dave Kubovsak

Chief Financial Officer

Dave is a Senior Accountant for the US Oncology Network’s Alliance Cancer Specialists. He graduated from St. Joseph’s University with his Bachelors in Fine Arts before earning his accounting certification. Dave has 11+ years experience completing audit work, business and individual taxes, as well as general consulting with small businesses, business owners, and other not-for profit entities. 

He is also a skilled Bassist with a passion for New Energy Music’s first core value: Creative Musical Expression is Essential to the Human Experience. Dave exudes a fierce conviction that no one should be without Music. 

“There is no comparable feeling to when you play Music with other people. The transcendent euphoria that comes with it cannot be measured or replicated.  I think that's why Musicians cannot stop or turn it off - We want to keep a constant connection to that energy in our everyday lives.” 

~ Dave Kubovsak

organizational values

New Energy Music team members embrace and apply the following nine organizational values to all aspects of individual and team work.  These values guide our work, promote efficient communication, and maximize authentic outcomes. We recognize the importance of a positive environment and consciously integrate these values in all aspects of New Energy Music. 

#1 - Original Music is Essential 

We exist to support the work + wellness of Original Musicians. We prioritize creative expression through sound as an essential part of the human experience - one that promotes happy + healthy individuals and communities. 


 #2 - Open-Minded Development

We remain open to changing our approach, strategies and systems when presented with new information that expands and/or shifts our existing perspective(s). We expect to have our opinions challenged for the sake of discovering a better way forward, and encourage others to live out this mindset.


#3 - The High Road

We strive to do the right thing.  We are fair and treat all people with respect. We may disagree, but we do so maturely and honorably in order to discover the best way forward towards our shared goals.   


#4 - Solutions-Oriented Thinking

The future of this planet, rising generations, and the state of Music are at stake. We don’t give up - we cultivate grit and do more with less.  If something doesn’t work, we fix it or find another way.


#5 - Seeds of Joy

The entire process of making and sharing Music is inherently joyful and positive. We all contribute to an atmosphere that is productive and joyful by focusing our attention on the positive outcomes that our Studio generates. 


#6 - Straight Talk

We communicate honestly, respectfully, and efficiently. We face reality, are willing to have difficult conversations,  and hold ourselves accountable toward the realization of positive, authentic outcomes. 


#7 - Transparent Doors

Our intentions are clear and we work deliberately to make them so. We do not speak behind the backs of others, nor do we take sides for the sake of social power and/or individual gain. 


#8 - Continuous Improvement

We are engaged in an ongoing cycle of goal setting, action, measurement and analysis that drive our development and outcomes. We seek success for the good of our community, not for the promotion of individual egos. We seek a better way – always.  


#9 - One Team

We are in this venture together. We may not always see fully eye-to-eye, but will remain willing to set aside personal differences in order to remain focused on the authentic outcomes of the organization. When other team members need assistance, we support them regardless of our titles.