Frequently Asked Questions

What is New Energy Music?

We are a startup 501(c)3, non-profit organization that supports the work and wellness of Original Musicians by providing free access to quality resources, increasing inclusivity in the Music Industry, and offering skill development opportunities through Applied Music Theory and Applied Sound Engineering programs. 

What Free Resources does New Energy Music offer to Original Musicians? 

  • Recording-ready production and rehearsal space 
  • Performance opportunities 
  • Skill Development in Applied Music Theory and Applied Sound Engineering

Who does New Energy Music serve? 

We serve adult Musicians (18+) who write, create, compose and perform their own work. We only work with Musicians who perpetuate positivity and use music creation as a process of introspecting, overcoming, transforming suffering, and inspire others to do the same.

When is the New Energy Music Community Supported Music Production Studio grand opening? 

We do not have a grand opening date yet. We are currently accepting donations to fund the launch of our Studio. To make a donation, click here. To share a funding opportunity, click here. To stay up to date on announcements, join our email list

Does New Energy Music work with kids?

 No - We exist to support adult Original Musicians (18+).

I'm interested in the Applied Music Theory and/or Applied Sound Engineering program for myself (or someone else). What is the application process? 

Please join our email list to be notified once we launch programs and begin accepting applications. Thank you! 

Will New Energy Music hold events and concerts in addition to being a Music Production Studio?

Yes. Featured Mic Night will return. Join our email list to stay in the loop. 

I'm a Neurotypical Original Musician. Can I get involved, or does New Energy Music exclusively work with Neurodiverse Original Musicians? 

 You certainly can! We are an inclusive Studio that supports both Neurodiverse Original Musicians and the Neurotypical community as well. 

Will New Energy Music produce my single or album? 

No - We will help you produce your own. Our Music Production Studio is unique because it's designed to empower through shared knowledge about the craft. We use Applied Music Theory and Applied Sound Engineering to help you actualize your own sound. 

Is New Energy Music a music school? 

No - We are a Professional Music Production Studio. Our studio is unique in that we are focused on helping Artists hone their craft. We are not curriculum based and do not offer classes. Simply put, when you engage with our studio, you learn through experience, and it doesn't hurt that Justin is a certified Music Teacher.