who we are

“The [New Energy Music] mission is bold, brave, and could not be more needed at this moment in history.” 

~Amanda Radcliffe, President of the Board



New Energy Music is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization that supports the work and wellness of Original Musicians. We are currently accepting donations to fund a state-of-the-art Community Supported Music Production Studio in New York City. 

Justin King is a Performing Artist, Certified Music Teacher, and former Network School Administrator. He founded New Energy Music after personally experiencing the profound connection between Music making and wellness - not only for the Musicians who create it, but also for the entire community at large.


New Energy Music is founded on four core principles. 


#1 - Original Music is essential to the Human Experience and deserves quality space and resources to be made. 

#2 - Original Musicians are essential members of society. Not only because they enhance our individual experiences by bringing joy and entertainment into our daily lives, but also because their work encourages us to overcome challenges, consider new perspectives, and create a better future for generations to come. 

#3 - Original Musicians need community support to sustain their work. When every dollar counts, access to a free Music Production Studio is a game-changer. 

#4 - Neurodiverse Original Musicians deserve to be heard and appreciated. We create opportunities for Neurodiverse individuals to make and distribute their work.



For over 20 years, CEO + Founder Justin King has designed, built, and managed Music Production Studios. At his home Studio, he developed a unique approach to helping other Musicians better understand and apply Music Theory and Sound Engineering. His mentees included many Autistic Musicians who illuminated the overwhelming lack of opportunities in the industry. 

New Energy Music started when Justin began curating events for his mentees to showcase their work for the community. The most popular of these was a series called “Featured Mic Night" that Justin would professionally engineer and record in order to provide Musicians with high quality demos of their work at no charge. 


A New Kind of Music Production Studio 

Your donation to New Energy Music helps the next generation of Original Musicians actualize their life purpose. Where traditional models focus on profit and quick content, we emphasize Artist empowerment through increased opportunities, free access, skill development (Applied Sound Engineering), and inclusivity.